Amateur: A person who engages in an event or activity as a pastime rather than a profession.

Professional: A person who has or has had a website or listing(s) on a global marketing place platform, a social media account offering items for sale, or promotes their art, craft or food item for sale, who teaches and/or instructs a particular craft or skill for compensation (sewing, needlework, photography, baking, canning, etc.); a person who has edited, produced, printed and published a cookbook for individual gain; is considered a professional and will not be eligible to compete as an amateur in our contests. Money earned per year is inconsequential. If this person enters an amateur category and wins, ribbon and prize will be forfeited.

Class: A group of like entry items that are judged together in a sub-category of a department. Each class is assigned a unique class number.

Class Number: The number assigned to a class. Class numbers begin with a letter that correlates to the specific contest department it is under, i.e., classes in “Art – Department A” will have class numbers that begin with the letter “A.”

Department: A group of different classes that all pertain to one subject in Creative Arts.

Entry Item: An eligible exhibit or submission by a contestant that is entered in a class to be judged.

Contestant: The owner of an exhibit (entry item) as shown on the entry form.

Contestant Number: A permanent number that is assigned to a person (contestant) who enters a Creative Arts Department contest at the Fair.