Anyone competing in a Creative Arts contest must be set up as a Contestant. Please note, as the Account holder, any Contestants and entries created while logged into this account will be assigned to this account and all communications will be sent to the primary email address on this account.

The Fair suggests that every “Adult” competing creates their own account with their own registration. Adults living in the same household may opt to create only one account. To create a new account, you must first log out of this account and then register a new account.

If an individual is not listed below, click ADD NEW CONTESTANT.

Please be sure to enter your exact BIRTHDAY and provide truthful answers to the questions while setting up your account.  Fees and available Creative Arts competitions are directly tied to the age of the participant and if there is a designation of Teacher/Professional.

Name Age Division
Abbott, Greg ADULT Edit
Account, Test ADULT Edit
Aleman, Sara ADULT* Edit
Aleman, Sara ADULT* Edit
Barker, Kendra ADULT* Edit
Bassett, Olivia CHILD Edit
Broeders, Jac ADULT* Edit
Brown, Virginia SENIOR Edit
Buckwalter, Vickie ADULT Edit
Burnett, Julia Lynn ADULT Edit
Burt, LoAnn ADULT Edit
Cooper, Elizabeth SENIOR Edit
Crowder, Makenna JUNIOR Edit
Daigger, Mikayla JUNIOR Edit
Daigger, Mikayla JUNIOR Edit
Deleon, Catherine ADULT Edit
Fernandez, Constance JUNIOR Edit
Fernandez, Constance JUNIOR Edit
Gerwig, Herb ADULT Edit
Gregory, Robyn ADULT Edit
Guynes, Emily ADULT* Edit
Guynes, Emily ADULT* Edit
Hartgrove, Belle CHILD Edit
Hartgrove, Luna CHILD Edit
Hayes, Mia JUNIOR Edit
Hebert, Melanie ADULT Edit
Jackson, Abigail CHILD Edit
Jones, Makayla CHILD Edit
Keene, Kraig ADULT Edit
Kyle, Karen ADULT Edit
Law, Madison ADULT Edit
Lemons, Misty ADULT Edit
Leonard, Hailey JUNIOR Edit
Leveson, Jean SENIOR Edit
Lyons, Lillian SENIOR Edit
martinson, charlene SENIOR Edit
Martinszon, Charlene SENIOR Edit
Maxwell, Eleanor SENIOR Edit
Mirpuri, Sugauri CHILD Edit
Mountcastle, Jonel ADULT Edit
O'Brien, Cindy ADULT Edit
O'Brien, Tom ADULT Edit
Palmer, Caroline CHILD Edit
Palmer, Cathy JUNIOR Edit
Palmer, Cecily CHILD Edit
Palmer, Collin CHILD Edit
Park, Kelley ADULT Edit
Parsley, Jane CHILD Edit
Pennington, Jaclk SENIOR* Edit
Pennington, Jeanene SENIOR* Edit
Phillips, Brennan CHILD Edit
Price, Cicily ADULT Edit
Puri-Lechner, Ayaan CHILD Edit
Rilling, Art ADULT Edit
Rose, Ellen ADULT Edit
Sandidge, Nikki ADULT Edit
Seale, Gloria ADULT Edit
Sees, Amanda ADULT Edit
Sheehy, Scotti ADULT* Edit
Smith, Steve ADULT Edit
Thomas, Anca ADULT Edit
Toole, Tricia ADULT Edit
Usher, Philip SENIOR Edit
van Wunnik, Peggy SENIOR Edit
Ware, Alexandra JUNIOR Edit
Watson, Scott ADULT Edit
Woodard Offutt, Denise ADULT Edit
Zabaldano, John ADULT Edit
* Professional or Teacher